are they all
because they are either victims
of a pest

or a perpetrator
of such

so it can
no humanity exist

but just
victims and perpetrators
of such

the idea

of a humanity

we need to develop
by recognizing

that all of these today
have no meaning in life
but the madness
of dying out

since they

were traumatized
through their parents

especially their mom
who always meant ever forth

baby should delight her
like every woman then thinks
she would have to be enslaving
man to delight her

that all of them
in this suicide attack
compete successfully with

meanwhile the climate will change
destroy the whole environment
everything only

not to become conscious
of the meaning of life

so to
become a homo sapiens

so to know
what you are doing

my passion being

to being a human being
and nothing will bring me from it
except if any science would show
me to the contrary

but you know ! ?

this being never the case
since being a human being
is the most important
being of all

right after the originator
of this idea creating
a universe

even after this universe
haveing the end coming

will we homo sapiens
in collaberation with the eternal entity
creating a new creation

so all the trillions residing in this universe
haveing a new home coming up

reality being

that all those 7 xxx million
are being traumatized to their very own death
by their very own to death traumatized
parents having been traumatized


by this operating system
from mega soft

every morning will
the stupidest operating program
in this universe

being booted on here

so ... we just need to create problems
only endless harm to humans and nature
we need predatory animal guarding for
vultures ... cannibals
and kgb agents

of course predators under nature harm
so eating away all the animals
if not people

meanwhile the vision of creation
provideing for the fulfillment of all
so any harm from human and nature
being held off

hear every solution
every embarrassing owner
shower with arguments
until he stops

his disgrace

the most important
argue endlessly every day
listen to everyone ...

not to exclude a single one
certainly not the most valuable

where each solution is discussed
every damage done away with
by arguing
with all

so all those

are being not even potentialy capable
of having any wisdom ...

of being homo sapiens
of even having any conscience

where all those in power
are being put there by all those
being able to do nothing but
putting a cross on there
like any illiterate

further more

all those are traumatized
from all those predatory animals
having eating them up

having been gorging
on their very own nourishments
so all those now have to planting plants
to feeding animals in prison

there while all those
predatory animals under nature damage
are feasting on the neccessary
human nourishment

so ...

how do we save
this world from mega soft ?

if all those are un able to being even aware
of their pitifull condition

having nothing to want
save to destroying
their future

science 4 future organization

the vision for a humanity
having to be full of wisdom
so every one can understand
so every one has a chance
so every one a voice

eternity education

vitamin C deficiency

through a missing gene
does not just produce
this pandemic

but also all
this madness

since at least 99%
having vitamin C deficiency
meaning no

fully functioning biology
so not a healthy body
so no satisfaction

and why that ?

because the genes through a mutation
since the beginning of these anti humans
the production of this important vitamin
in the liver not possible

unlike other mammals

and because even
an public health department

no more than 100mg !
to sublimate

meanwhile the body minimum 10 grams
needing for optimal function
in healthy condition

and if an infection is on going
to over 100 grams

and would all of them know this
and sublimate properly
then there is no

no depression
no any thing possible

only this madness
of all these to death


we have to organize

as homo sapiens for the fulfillment of all
because only if we all contribute
to the fulfillment
of everyone

can this happen !

not if one
competeing with the other
will kill us all

does everyone understand this concept now ?

or does everyone still think ?
that if you are guaranteeing delusion ?
to being the great disaster !


when the whole world is a endless disaster !


like now after hundreds of years of democracy ???

so we need homo sapiens
no idiots … no predators
no insanity

any questions ?

eternity institute

you will not believe it
after the centuries of probaganda

that a democracy
being the end of every human being
every world will be

but I will be here with you
trying once with examples

to you this horrible reality
so to convey

that you will be ending up
you can not do anything else
but believe it >>>

that the quality of a problematic
being any such a politician here on

that he will all problems of
these voters as the highest good
than his own interests
to guarantee

so he will be in any democracy
competing in one with multiple parties

all competitive problems guaranteed
so as the all descriptive

" create ... what work creates "

so the idea of ​​creating problems
because we should actually all the pointless
get rid of all harmful work
and only create values
maintain values

because people enslaved in any siberian
forced labor camp not one worthy of a human

but not any democracy is there for
only problems for every human race for so long
to urge >>> until you have no resistance
left to do more

from passed out about this insanity
that there are always only problems
those created by all those
competing problems

because every criticism
out of necessity of conservation
of the problem existence
be fended off

with the power of a majority

so any such democracy
can not have any human rights at all
guaranteed enforceable

let alone realize it

but for every problem climate tilting rights
to guarantee

the same with all this tire wear
who dumped all over the landscape
damage guaranteed

to everyone around the world

of every person
who have no interests at all
since no party on the idea
will come


forbiding flights directly to a 2nd venus
so the end goal of all of these
so 100 ° C hot rocks

without humus
with only sand and rubble ...

only a argumentocracy

can be bringing total authenticity

to any government

the argumentocracy

and here

on million x million worlds of wisdom

our cosmic community

there being

only one way to healing trauma
in having a world of wisdom

where every one wanting to live
and not one to die

the homo sapiens foundation

dawning life

religian life

on cosmian life

infinian life

invincian life

the galactic genesis organization

the galactic university

the cosmic institute
the institute of cosmic religion
the eternity institute

the utopia institute

published by

galactic central information